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We take your story and give it motion

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In motion we trust

We believe in the power of motion pictures. We just get the job done. Simply, professionally, effectively. We love documentary-style projects: it’s the perfect connection between storytelling, sense of beauty and cost containment. We handle jobs integrating the creative, shooting and editing process, with the support of our network of professionals deployed in Austria and Italy. We are simple, but not easy. A lightweight production, but not poor production. Wether it’s on a set, in a city or in the middle of the nature.

T H E Y   T R U S T E D   U S

Komatsu / Manfrotto / Caffé Florian / Pakelo / Ferno / Città di Venezia / Villa Pisani Contemporary Art
Sundar Italia / Agglonord Marbles / Fonderia Guastini / Le Falie / Film Festival della Lessinia

Showreel 2014

Our best projects, in a showreel soup.

L I S T   O F   P R O D U C T I O N S

Our equipment

Better technology means better results. There are no doubts about that, but remember: technology is nothing without knowledge and control.

We use the latest generation of digital cinema cameras for medium-budget professional projects.
Proper camera equipment is basilar to take great footages. This is why we are provided with a professional 6m dolly, sliders, a 3m crane, a steady-cam, field-monitors, shoulder-mounts and lighting sets.
A better audio means a better work. There is no compromise. We have invested a lot on it, with professional microphones, recorders and post-production equipments.
A good post-production is also fundamental. This is why we chosen to work with Macs. Our big SSD storage helps us to work fast and safe at the same time.

Video artisans

A great job depends on many factors. Working in a good team is the most important.

Paolo Paganin

Videographer, director

I was born on the 29th of February 1984 and graduated in Human Geography at the University of Bologna. Awarded a research doctorate scholarship by the same university, I abandoned research to dedicate myself to filmmaking.

Filippo Rezzadore

Author, editor, director

I was born in 1981 and graduated in 2004 in Media and Communication. I spent 6 months in the United States, improving and learning from great advertisers. Worked for 3 years as a creative and copywriter until I turned into video production as a full-time job in 2008.

Samuele Tezza

Phonic, sound designer

I have graduated in Sound Technology in Milan and spent a year in Sidney working in a big audio studio. Now I offer my service also as an independent professional for freelancing projects that require live-audio, recording, post-production and sound design.

We take your story and give it motion.

What we make

Our everyday goal is to provide companies, organizations and individuals effective videos for their comunication activities. We take care of every single step, from concept to delivery in order to make our projects excellently crafted. Like artisans do.


We take a customer story and put a product in it.
It’s the best way to talk to your potential clients.


We make companies present themselves with creativity
and effectiveness, as well as their products.


Beauty and content. These are the keys we believe on.


We love to document a situation, an event, and people in crazy ways.


We manage the entire production of a documentary for TV,
internet or physical distribution.


Product tutorials, web-mercial, or just camera service?
We think we can help you.

DokuDoku headquarters

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